Ellsworth Park
Tri-Stake Center
830 E 2nd Ave, Mesa, AZ 85204  -  Mesa Arizona South Stake
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(Schools, Recitals, Scouts, Music groups... - Use reimbursement fees apply)

You should receive a reply email within 1 to 2 days confirming your request, or explaining why it was denied. If you don't get a reply in 2 days
please click "CONTACT US" above to ask why

You will be using facilities "as is".  There is no guarantee everything will be in perfect working order.  There is also no guarantee you'll be let in on time, as it will be an unpaid volunteer opening for you.

You'll be invoiced for what you reserve, so please only request the times and facilities you are sure you'll be using



·        NO FOOD/DRINK ALLOWED IN GYMNASIUM, and no red or blue punch
, as they cause permanent staining.

·        No roller skates, skateboards, bicycles, scooters or any other "rolling" activities, as this wears out the floors and increases chances of injuries.

·        Children must be supervised. There are controls/switches that can be reached which shouldn’t be tampered with. Do not allow them to push around any device with wheels as damage to walls/floors may result. No climbing on bleachers. If children will be doing crafts, please cover and protect the tables you use.

·        All behavior (music/dance/dress/language) to be in line with church standards

·        No chairs, tables, video, audio or other equipment may be removed from building without permission.

-Repeating weekly events will likely be restricted to 8 weeks if there is a high demand for the room/field being used (even after your reservation has been confirmed).

Please DO NOT fill out the form below until you understand and agree to all of the content above - thank you

You can fill out this form by clicking HERE or using the embedded version below. If using the embedded version below you'll need to scroll back up to see
the form submission confirmation (if desired)

(QUICK ENTRY TIP: Using the tab key after each entry is very helpful)


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